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Early Christianity in the Black Sea Farm Family Home  Churches.  The missing Home Church History. Origin Of  Amish, Mennonite and Cossacks

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2-4-08_001 Olga's Russian Background
2-4-08_002 Confronting Corruption 2011-2012
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2-4-08_0043 Peter 43 AD
2-4-08_0047 Paul 47 AD
2-4-08_0055 Andrew 55 AD
2-4-08_0112 Black Sea Home Church 5 AD6
2-4-08_0264 Ulfilas 264 AD
2-4-08_0367 Gothic Christianity 376 AD
2-4-08_0843 Cyril And Methodius 843 AD
2-4-08_0863 Old Church Slavonic 863 AD
2-4-08_0938 Sacrifice to Christianity 938 AD
2-4-08_0945 Olga of Kiev 945 AD
2-4-08_0987 Russia Converts 987 AD
2-4-08_0988 Vladimer 1 of Kiev 988 AD
2-4-08_1057 Slavic Bibles 1057 AD
2-4-08_1206 Tartars 1206
2-4-08_1223 Mongol Invasions 1223 AD
2-4-08_1223-1480 Tartaro Mongol Rus 1223-1480 AD
2-4-08_1242-04-05 Russian Battle Of The Ice 1242-04-05
2-4-08_1550 Molokan
2-4-08_1550 Molokan-1550
2-4-08_1552 Molokan
2-4-08_1580 Ostrog Bible
2-4-08_1580 Ostrog Bible-1580
2-4-08_1600-1900 Molokans Armenia
2-4-08_1600-2000_ Olga-background

2.4.08_1682 Peter the Great

2.4.08_1762-1856 Catherine The Great
2.4.08_1802-1856 Prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov

2.4.08_1817-1864 Caucasian War
2.4.08_1843 Dukobors - Baron Haxthausen visit Dukhobortsy

2.4.08_1903-1912 Bolshevik

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2.4.08_2008-01-14 Zheleznovodsk Explosion

Working Russia - Home Church History Home Church Reborn Again And Again

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Working Olga Molokan Background 1667 Molokans in Armenia Nicholas II  1905 Family Murdered Bolshevik 1917 Russia Starving Ukraine 1932-33 2010-02-01 Genocide Russia Guilty Russia Invades Poland Noble Lady Put In Gulag - Pictures 1964
Federation 1991 Fomenko - Wikipedia
Fomenko's 2003 lost middle ages Fomenko's Goofiness Exodus of people of Moses.

Working Grabovoy - Wikipedia 2008-08-05 Solzhenitsyn Died Rich-poor In Russia Today 2009 Russia Wikipedia
Worker Letter Russia 2009-09-26 Russians take most pictures of self Russia Criminal State 2009-11-23 2010-09 Chechnya Largest Mosque in Europe Judge Murdered 2010-04-12 Polish President Killed 2010-04-10 Russian Political Analysis RT keeps showing 911 Conspiracy Personal Letter to a Russian Friend Russia Kabardino-balkarija Altai Jehovah Witnesses Altai Jehovah Witnesses Altai Jehovah Witnesses Jewish Role  Bolshevik Revolution Russia's New Federal District
Wikileaks 2010-12-01 Russia 2011-08-18 20 years after coo Time Line Of Muslim Attacks History Of Violence Chechnya Battle Gorbachev 2011-08-17

Working usa-russia-war-plane-2011-08-23 1991 Videos and Slides Caucasus After
2-4-08_2009-10-13 BBC Russia
2-4-08-2010-2012 Confronting Corruption News Russian Analytical Digest (RAD) Russia - Orthodox Corruption 2013 Russia - Islam In Moscow 2012 and  2013 Russian Molokan In Azerbaijan Since 1834 Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko Russian apartment bombings Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses in the Caucasus Russian Duma passes law banning 'gay propaganda' Does IS Pose A Threat To Putin? Boys Killed For Speaking Russian 2014-12-04 News From Russia 2015-01-26 Shock Defection To IS Washington's Threats  Insanity

2012-05-21 I am in Russia and working hard enough that my left hemisphere is overridden and I am again starting upgrades in the pattern of information connectedness.

There is more work needed here than I have the time or disposition to deal with rather than show the start for a future time with less pressure. The main revision is outline levels to not exceed single digits. After working on Germany I see that the over view for Russia is better left for now but add a subcategory News.

Who is the fool that put US troops on the Russia's main land border? And then talks about Russia like trash, overthrows the elected government in Ukraine, mocks when 93% of Crimea vote to return to Russia and then supports neo-nazies killing people in the Russian speaking part of Ukraine? All because Russia made a law against propagandizing homosexual behavior in front of children and banned the gay pride parade in the Sochi Winter Olympics !

Russia is working to rebuild the family after the family after overthrowing the subjugation of International Communism.

I have been in Russia 6 months of the year and 6 month of the year in Florida and New York for the last 17 years. I can tell you care for family and children, public streets and public parks has gotten much better in Russia while getting much worse in America.

In Buffalo 92 year old friend was beaten, robbed and hospitalized by 4 black thugs in his apartment parking lot.

A Kenmore Policeman called when some black boys and white girls were hanging out at the public library using foul language, told me it was getting so bad that he could not wait to retire.

Here in Russia the children dress nice for school, non of the disgrace of boys walking with their pants below their hips !!!

Wake up with the White House Light up to celebrate homosexuality !!!

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