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 Origins  2.4.1 The Reality Foundation Of Mathematics

The foundation of mathematics in reality is clear to a thinking person that has enough hands-on experience with learning reality out of a need to know and in physical contact with physical reality. Not some one with a foundation of book learning or verbal indoctrination.

In later mammoth hunting they sailed longer and longer distances. On there way home sailing many days and nights they would not stop because the delay would spoil the meat. That is a no-brainer. So they had night watches. It was easy to see the nightly passage of the same star patterns over head. They could tell the time of night qualitatively (like late, early and midnight). 

Sometimes it was cloudy and they wanted to know the time. Someone seeing a dripping skin bucket used it and took it as a rough clock. Then needing a more accurate clock they kept filling the drip bucket and caught the drips. They already used balances and same stone weights to share meat so it was simple to get same size pebbles and catching the drip water in an other bucket and finding the pebble weight to know the time of day on a full day and night basis. 

They recognized that the daily overhead star pattern and sun's location were different at home than from their observations depending on how fare east or west they were from home. They used a hanging stone for vertical and the difference between the vertical and the line-of-sight angle to a star or the sun to tell the east-west angle difference between their location and home. They calibrated a days travel east or west to the drips of the clock. This gave them a way of knowing their longitude from home in terms of time or angle. Using home time on there drip clock they counted the drips (or pebble weights) they were to the east or west of home in time to travel or angle. 

With the longer voyages they noticed a change in the north and south position of the stars with the time of year. By writing a picture of the angle of the line of sight to the North Pole location they could tell the time of year at home. By comparing the angle to the north pole by line of sight and comparing to the angle at home for that time of year they could tell the latitude. When sailing south of where they could observe the north pole they used known stars. With using the star patterns they realized that there were a few wondering stars (the planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn).

This was not magic it was just the world in which we live and move and have our being. This was just practical reality. They did respect the Sun for its light and warmth. They did respect the earth for the food it gave. They did respect the moon for the night light it gave. That is different than the insanity of believing they were intelligent beings and worshiping them or doing human sacrifice to them!

What brought about the corruption?

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