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Don't memorize as a child. It disables the potential for individual sovereignty based on experiencing physical and behavioral Reality! An Insanity is to reason perfectly on a false assumption! Many are taught to memorize in youth and false assumptions taught as true in schools and universities!

Culture is to cultivate. Human culture is the cultivation of humans. The health of a culture is judged by the fruit it bares. In human growth and development the first 5 years are the most important in predicting achievement of the potential for caring and contributing. Of the first 5 years the first 2 are most important and the first 6 months are critical. Most important is the nursing bond with a 100% of the time  mother,  home maker, and respectful wife. Second most important is a providing, protecting, correcting father, husband and respected head of household.

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The spreading of affluence takes about four generation to undermine a healthy society as children are farmed out to care giver and schools. This breaks down the culture of rearing potentially healthy parents and replaces it with the decadence of art, music,  literature and the intellectual distraction into reading, writing  and reacting to what other people think think others needs to think.

The Pleistocene symbol PS) is the epoch from 2588000 to 11700 years BP that spans the world's recent period of repeated glaciations.

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