1.30 Development 

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Foundation 1

1.31 The Ability To Reason - Effects On Society Working

1.31.0 An In Depth Background And Introduction (With some deception!)

1.31.1 The Garden of Eden, the Snake, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - 
                        Out of Eden about 2,000,000 years ago, and Infanticide!
1.31.2 The Wandering and Boating Tribes of Hunter Gatherers, Chiefs, Shamans and Marauding Bands.

1.31.3 The Mammoth Hunting, Sailing by the Stars and World Wide Prehistoric Exploration!

1.31.4 Animal Domestication, Farming, Ranching and Mounted Marauding

1.31.5 The Welcome Conquest That Brought Protection but then
                         Affluent Society's degrading the mammalian maternal nursing bond and Inventing Gods!
1.31.6 The Military Leaders Settle their armies and become Land Lords Creating Feudal Systems.
                        Again, privileged class degrading the mammalian maternal nursing bond!
1.31.7 The Jewish Contribution, preservation by indoctrination,
                       the Capacity Altruistic Caring in mainly farm families and healthy background Individuals.
1.31.8 Christianity by Dominant Male and Manipulative female.
                       Mohammad Uses Mounted Marauding Justified with a new God (Allah)
                       and uses the Jewish example of child indoctrination to perpetuation the goal of World Subjugation.
                       "Class Struggle" Hate and Women's liberation bring socialism with government child care.
                       Dominant Male and Women's liberation bring socialism with government child care.
1.31.9 Raising a healthy future based on knowledge of genetics and child development.
                       Respecting the rights of new life to a healthy planed conception
                       by a married mother and father with a healthy single family home.
                       A mother able to give a mammalian nursing bond, keeping a healthy home,
                       showing care and respect for the roll of a providing, protecting and caring father.

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1.34.3 Islam spread by terror, murdering in the order of 140,000,000 people in 1400 years.
          I thought this was terrible.
1.6.4 Then I learned that Communism Killed that many in 100 years. 
          How much more evil Communism and
The Nazi Islamic Holocaust (with Islamic Fascism with ethnic cleansing)
1.6.6 Then I learned that Women's Liberation murders that many living souls in 3 years. 
          How much more evil!!
1.6.7 Political Psychiatry makes its self the help-mate to any political power. 
         The worst is parental oppression.  
          Parents form power groups like NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)
1.6.8 The state we are in!
1.6.9 The power of love as it is in Jesus the Christ, 
          the first born Spiritual Son of God, God's Healthy Spirit in man.

Shocking Discovery About Jihad!
1.6.13 Shocking Discovery About Femininism (Marxism, Catholicism and Protestantism)
1.6.14 Shocking Discovery About Masculine (Islamofascism) 
1.6.15 Shocking Discovery About Women's and Homosexual Liberation (Abortion)
1.34.xx PBS Islamic-Antichrist Betrayal Of Truth
1.34.xx Truth Of Living Witnesses