1.26 Murdered By Islam

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1.27 Still Murdering Christians

In 1915 the Muslim army came to Olga's area of present Armenia. Turkey controlled the other side of the river and the city of Stepanavan. The Muslims murdered the Christians of the city men, women and children by blind folding them and marching them off the cliff (about 5000 people). There was no Russian army so the Muslims came looking for Armenian Christians to murder. Olga's grandma hid one in the potato cellar under the kitchen floor. They searched but did not discover him. They went and found one hiding in the grain tower and murdered him!

1.27.1 Turkey - 2012 Muslims Attack Islamic Scholar for talking to Jews!
1.27.2 Another Priest Murdered 2010
1.27.3 Christian Murdered On Street 2009
1.27.4 Turkey Christian Missionaries Horrifically Tortured Before Killings 2007
1.27.5 Turkey: Christian Priest Murdered By Muslim 2006
1.37.6 Muslim Attackers critically injure Turkish Christian 2003
1.27.7 Christian Priest On Trial For Talking In 2000
1.27.8 Christians Genocide 1915
1.27.9 1915 Genocide Map with arrow where Olga was born and where her Grandma saved a man.

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