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Still Murdering 1.27 

1.26 Murdered By Islam

Murdering in the order of 170,000,000 people in 1400 years. I thought this was terrible.

A Pyramid Schema of Rape, Pillage, Murder,
Booty, Women and Slaves as reward!
And even more with Allah if you die!
The child indoctrination makes it a
murdering cult of robots!

Islam and war

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1.  Africa 120 million
    11 million slaves To The West and
    14 million To Islamic North Africa and Middle East.
    David Livingstone estimated five others were killed
    or died for the 25 million slaves delivered
    Islam ran the wholesale slave trade in Africa.
2. Christians martyred  9 million
    50 million died  jihad.
    One million African Christians in the 20th century
    Totals 60 million Christians
3. Hindus an estimate of 80 million Hindus
    killed in the total jihad against India.
4. Buddhists 10 million
5. Jews - not many
    maybe most by Muslim Nazi SS in the Balkans



The Infidel Task Force is proud to publish a startling commentary on the insatiable thirst for blood committed by Mohammad followers in the past 1400 years. These are the shocking figures that have been forgotten by newer generations of children and by the vast distortion of world wide history books.

This genocide continues today. Only recently has the media brought to the worlds attention, the slaughter of Christians in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East, and areas of Northern Africa like Nigeria, Sudan, Darfur, Somalia.