1.24 Islamic Slavery

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Murdered By Islam 1.26

1.25 Where My Wife And Her Family Lived

A Former Christian Homeland In My Grandmother's Lifetime

Where My Wife and her family lived. Where Muslims stole from them.
 An elder Muslim told her grandfather "We are not stealing. You owe us! It is in the Book (Koran)".

1.25.1 1890-1925 Assyrian Genocide
1.25.2 1914-1923 Greek Genocide
1.25.3 1915 Turkey Request To USA For Help
1.25.4 1915-1917 Armenian Genocide
1.25.5 1990 Truth Khojalu Armenia


How evil can be painted over! In Armenia in a Russian village the Muslims came looking for Christian Armenians that had come over the river to escape. Olga's grandma hid one in the potato cellar under the kitchen floor. They went and found one hiding up in the grain tower and murdered him.

Right after the American Revolution Muslims were killing and enslaving ship and crews (as they are today!)

When will the world have pity on Muslims and free them from this murdering theocratic cult?

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