1.21 Russia

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 Crusades 1.23

1.22 Islam's Illiterate Foundation And Reaction Formation

Murdering in the order of 170,000,000 people in 1400 years. I thought this was terrible.

Beware of Sophistry:  soph·ist·ry,  Pronunciation: \sä-fə-strē\, Function: noun Date: 14th century  
: subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation  : sophism 1

1.22.1 No Well Developed Alphabet
1.22.2 A Calendar Based On The Moon!
1.22.3 Egyptians Are Not Arabs! It's Sunni Islamization Of Copts
1.22.4 Library At Alexandria
1.22.5 A Deep Look At The Foundation (Spenser on Mohammad)
1.22.6 University Sophistry And The Moon Worship Foundation
Islamic Claims To Co-opt Jewish And Christian Holy Sites 
1.22.8 Joseph's Tomb - Muslim History Of Disrespect
1.22.9 Jews Killed As Muslims Desecrate Joseph's Tomb In 2011