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1.20 Islam's spread by terror - Sophistry In Spain

Murdering in the order of 170,000,000 people in 1400 years.
I thought this was terrible.
But then to falsify history to glorify Islam!

1.20.0 Dr. Tawfik Hamid - "The Roots of Jihad"
          Introduction To A Background Of Distortion
1.20.1 Jews As Islam's Administrators Over Christians
1.20.2 A False Video Glorifying Islamic Spain
1.20.3 A Partial Public Rebuttal
1.20.4 Spain 711 Islamic Terror 400 Yrs.
1.20.5 Intelligent TV's False Representation Of Islam In Spain
1.20.6 Jihad Against Spanish And Portuguese (711-1492)
1.20.7 BBC - h2g2 - The Moorish Conquest of Spain
1.20.8 Al-Andalus - Wikipedia
1.20.9 Martyrs Recorded In Just Cordova From Just 850-859
1.20.10 Charles The Hammer - saves West from Islam
1.20.11 Islam In Italy 837 To 1300 AD
1.20.12 Christian Martyrs in Muslim Spain 711-1492 AD

 My Thought About Islam As Deigning Jesus Is The Christ    

The Distorted Histories Of Spain And Islam In General.

We can find in many World History 101 type text's comments about the Islam's great contributions to science and mathematics. The video below shows the propaganda from and adding to these perverted projections  made by and for Islam where in fact the world's Non-Muslim Mathematics and Astronomy Experts were brought to Iraq on the goofy motivation of finding a perfect Moon Calendar
 (Allah did not tell Mohammad that the Moon was Unstable!)

My Thoughts - by DJJ

Jesus the first born man to have the Eternal Outlook (Spirit) of Christ the Logos (The Word - meaning the source and fundamental order of the cosmos) and The Culture (Soul) of Eternal Caring for intelligent life. 

It was born into his body as the First Born in the eternal foundation caring for intelligent life in a framework of eternity as we learn from Nature the Eternal truths of Matter, Space and Motion and the life that exists in them.

We need to convert our outlook and culture to that of Christ that our lives can contribute the the future of intelligent life in God's Eternal Body.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Mohammad refers to Jesus as Just a prophet and Mohammad was greater as the last prophet! This makes Mohammad an anti-Christ.

The people of Spain were invaded by a murdering anti-Christ cult seeking world domination through there anti-Christ world view.

Jesus gave us the example of being willing to be murdered rather than submit to corrupt authority. The invaders demanded submission to Mohammad's anti-Christ world view rather than to the law of God fulfilled through loving God and loving others like we love our self. 

The Jew did shared the Islamic anti-Christ view and found themselves in better favor for government administration and were often part of the oppression. Many Jews found the Christian willingness to die rather than submit as foolish as they found Jesus.

During the reestablishment of Christianity as the State Religion, many Jew went to Germany where Jews played a similar role for the feudal Lords over the commoners (Christians). They were rent collectors, record keepers and doctors (the lords did not want the commoners educated and they did not want their children exposed to sick people!). With a background of literacy from child indoctrination (memorizing the Torah) they gained academic positions also. Their hatred for the Spanish Inquisition restoring State Christianity (a worldly substitute for the Truth) was a major part for the anti-Catholic hatred spread to northern Europe.

1. Christians in Spain were treated as second class citizens. That was the cultural indoctrination for 700 years.
2 With independence the children of the Land Lords were deprived having "hireling" wet nurses and infant care so they tended to be narcissistic, sociopathic, and sadomasochistic. The Lords gave their property and title to the eldest son. The other sons often became priests and military officers.
3. They went to Central and South America where they expanded there domination and did to the natives and hirelings what the Muslims had done to their forefathers. They brought with them the practice of multiple wives (only one legally) and beheading (as other parts of Europe after Muslim influence).

Some of the book is anti-Christ sophistry but it also tells of those willing to die for saying the truth and follow Christ by not submitting to the anti-Christ.

Although KBW violates the Laws of behavioral reality in his analysis, the record of fact that he provides is valuable. DJJ

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