1.15 Islam An Anti Christ

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1.16 Jihad Against The Arabs 622-634 AD

My Introduction (below)

1.16.1 Pro-Islamic Site - Against The Arabs 622-634 AD
1.16.2 Banu Qurayza Jewish Tribe - Mohammad beheaded 600-900 men
1.16.3 History Of Jihad Mayhem began against the Arabs 
1.16.4 Daniel Pipes
1.16.5 Without Bias
1.16.6 Chronology of Jihad


My Introduction

I am quoting this information directly from a web-site  that promotes Islam and from one that apposes Islam. 2006 / 1427

 Note: 1427AH + 579 = 2006 AD or AH = AD - 579.

 Many Religions and Blief systems have majic fairytale like stories of reward and punishment. Children are not able to distinguish between reality and a fairytale and when they memorize it as truth taught by the authority figures in their life, thay lose touch with healthy commonsense and intuition.

One one side the over involvement in indoctrination is disabling and on the other side the lack of a mammalian nursing bond and a in the home mother leaves the child disabled in their potential for caring development and the common sense and intuition that is necessary for healthy parenting!

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