1.8 Land Of The 7 Churches

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Islam Background 1.10

1.9 Where Did The Gypsies (Roma) Come From?

A Pyramid Schema of Rape, Pillage, Murder, Booty, Women and Slaves as reward!
And even more with Allah if you die!
The child indoctrination makes it a murdering cult of robots!

Murdering in the order of 170,000,000 people in 1400 years. I thought this was terrible. 
But the Roma escaped to largely Christian Farm land areas!

1.9.00 Video Introduction
1.9.01 The Romani People
On Romani Origins and Identity
1.9.03 Muslim conquest in the Indian subcontinent 
1.9.04 Negationism In India
1.9.05 Romani People From Poland dna Genetic History Of Europe
1.9.06 1942-44 The Role of the SS Handschar division in Yugoslavia's Holocaust

1.9.07 2005-11-27 Civil Unrest in the French Suburbs,
1.9.08 2010-09-15 Roma in France: Frequently asked questions

1.9.09 2011-10-22 Muslim Commandos Attacking Roma in Marseilles
1.9.10 2012-03-12 Where Islam spreads, freedom dies
1.9.11 2012-07-31 Inside France's Future Muslim-Majority City
1.9.12 2012-09-28 France BBC Vigilantes burn Roma camp
1.9.13 2012-09-29 Tensions rise in France after Roma camp torched
1.9.14 2012-10-31 BBC - France court overturns Clichy police verdict
1.9.15 Council of Europe: Roma Course
1.9.16 2012-04-30 European Affairs: Right On - Who are the Roma people?
1.9.17 Overview on the Roma in Turkey