1.6 With Christ's Spirit (Outlook) 

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 What Happened To The 7 Churches 1.8

1.7 Without the healing of Christ's Outlook

1.7.01 Reversion To A Trained, Paid Priesthood And Temple
1.7.02 Some Background Affecting Armenian Culture
1.7.03 The Elevation Of Saints To Sub Devine Status For Worship
1.7.04 Ecumenical Councils
1.7.05 The Antichrist Attack And 700 Years Of Islamic Subjection Of Spain
1.7.06 Affluence and The Loss Of Maternal & Paternal Humanity
1.7.07 Spanish Inquisition
1.7.08 Rebellion Against Roman Catholic Buying Out Of Purgatory
1.7.09 French Revolution
1.7.10 The Rothschild Family
1.7.11 The Accumulation Of Worldly Wealth And Power
1.7.12 Environmentalists Fail To See The Higher Levels Of Love

There Are Different Elements To The Defaming
(Some are internal and some external)

Renaissance, Reformation, Industrial Revolution, Age of Reason,
Communism, Islamism, Anti Nursing-bondage (Women's Liberation).
But Many Not Well Known Great Christian Discoverers Following The Spirit Of Truth Like Euler!!!

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