1.5 Germany Awakening 

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 Without Christ's Spirit 1.7

1.6 Christ's Spirit

                                                                                       Introduction   model 

Christ's Outlook (Spirit) Overview

1.6.06 Levitical Priesthood
1.6.07 Moses, Freed Israel From Egypt (Moses Gave The Law that even Pharaohs and Kings must submit to) 
1.6.08 Aaron - Moses Names Aaron as Father of the Temple Priesthood
1.6.09 Joshua - Moses Names Joshua, he became the leader of the Israelite tribes after the death of Moses.
1.6.10 Jesus (Removed the priesthood so that man could have a direct relationship with his source of existence.)
1.6.15 Early Christianity around the Black Sea and Ukraine
1.6.14 Roots Of The Return To Priesthoods - True Called Ones Rejected But Later Make Statues Of Them To Pray To
1.6.16 Spread Of Home Church In Europe
1.6.17 The Kazaks
1.6.18 The Spiritual Christians Of Russia
1.6.19 The Amish
1.6.20 Spread Of Islam And Worldly Church reaction
1.6.21 Taking Back Spain From Moslems And Administrator Jews - Priesthood Again
1.6.22 Christ's Promised "Spirit Of Truth" Comes To Physical Science
1.6.23 Some History Of Christian Martyrs
1.6.24 Niagara Apostles Martyred
1.6.25 Women's Liberation Of 1800's Europe And 2X2's Of The 1900's Returning A Priesthood With Priestesses
1.6.27 The Spontaneous Home Church - Mothers In The Home - Breast Feeding For 2 to 5 Years And Home Schooling


The main realities here are: 
1) Stopping human sacrifice.
2) Establishing a State system operated by a ruling class called the Levitical Priesthood. 
3) Jesus the Christ came to remove the priesthood from mans relationship with his source of existance.

1.6.0 The Work Of Farm Family Caring In The Outlook  Spirit Of Truth) Christ Spoke Of

                           Writing and English Bible History
1.6.1 Spirit Of Truth Comes To Physical Science Through Christian Scientists
1.6.2 1751 Slavonic Bible Published - Home Churches Returned
1.6.3 1643 Newton Motivated In Science and Mathematics By Study Of Christ
1.6.4 1707 Euler Motivated In Science and Mathematics By Study Of Christ
1.6.5 1863 William Irvine 2x2 Workers Of Luke 10 Formally Revived
1.6.6 Online Testimonies?
1.6.7 Israel - Israel
1.6.8 Anti-Christ
1.6.9 End Times
         Sword Protect your home, community and all Saints with a Sword! (Bible)


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