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1-1-1 Postulates Of Physical Reality - A Foundation Statement

Creation Myths

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The top pictures show the moon approaching closer year after year then colliding 65 Million years ago.

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The bottom left pictures show the surface of the Moon where it scraped the Earth's Pacific Side smoothing out the craters.


We begin by accepting what exist: (Space, Matter and Motion)

  Postulate 1 Space
  Postulate 2 Matter
  Postulate 3 Motion

 Given this foundation to investigate
 and reason upon, 
 we need to operationally define our
 terms building on the reality foundation.

Creating Life on Earth, which is Life in the  Universe 
(God's infinite, eternal body):

1. The process of time and chance
2. The process of creating the chemicals
3. The collision started the Earth spinning

Why are there Dinosaur fossils in Antarctica?

 1) Our Physical Space is eternal (not created and not destroyed).
          Space is a unique reality of 3 linearly independent, infinite dimensions.

 2) Matter (Aether) fills our Space with a macroscopically constant density.
           Each element of Matter occupies its own space uniquely. Matter is a non-adhesive,
non-cohesive (Inviscous), infinitely divisible, inelastic, incompressible fluid. 

 3) Our Matter is in microscopically constant Motion that is eternal (not created or destroyed).
          The Motion of Matter creates vortex rings that are the basic building block of physical reality. 

These three eternal and infinite components (Space, Matter and Motion) are the basis of physical reality we operationally define as "God" and the laws of physical reality we operationally define as "God's Laws Of Physical Reality!"

There are also God's laws of: Chemical Reality, Cell Reality, Body Component Reality, Intelligent Individual Reality, Intelligent Group Reality, The Potential For An Intelligent Being, The Potential For A Group Of Intelligent Beings. 

We operationally define Spirit as Outlook, Soul as Culture, the World as our present society, Heart (spiritually) is our Common Sense (logical thinking) and Intuition (pattern thinking). The best possible outcome we operationally define as Heaven

Creation is the function of forming structures like creating a hat. The non-biological forms made of matter obey the physical laws of God (that are not created or destroyed); that creation is a process of forming something like creating a hat, star or baby and destroying is like burning a hat, a star exploding or aborting a fetus. 

God is everything. In God we live and move and have our being. We are made of God's dirt. We are like a cell in God's body.


 1) The process of time and chance creation of basic particles (vortex rings called Vortons), Photons, Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Atoms and Molecules is a repetitive process in the background of (and within the process of) creating Galaxies, Solar Systems and Planets. 

 2) The process of creating the chemicals for life on our Earth took billions of years. 

There was a chaotic period of billions of years where earth's surface was some times molten and some times frozen (depending on the face to the Sun) as it collected cosmic dust and gases and the atoms of the solar wind.

Earth's Ring Of Life facing the Sun

Next was a period of Earth orbiting the Sun in synchronized orbit. 
This led to a hot side and a cold side with a ring of organic life around the
Tethys Ocean with life developing to the point of large reptiles.

Why are there  Dinosaurs in Antarctica?

The pictures show the moon approaching closer year after year then colliding 65 Million years ago.

 3) The Moon was in a like Earth orbit and a glancing collision killed the large reptiles and smashed all of their big eggs. The collision started the Earth spinning (creating night and day). The collision also caught the Moon in an Earth orbit synchronizing the Moon to face the Earth.

In this unique environment with water and air, chemical and biological Life developed in and unbroken single life manifesting itself in many mutations good and bad but that which propagated survived in an unbroken chain of Life. 

If we think of our bodies as cells in the Life of Earth is to say that the Life on Earth has never died. Human life after death is to have something of our life go on (physically, intellectually or behaviorally) in the lives that follow us. 

It is clear that we are on our way to building silicon based bodies that we can put our Spirit and Soul into. These bodies may be constructed so as to never die and give us an eternal new body.

God's laws are not created or destroyed! By our intelligence we can use God's laws to create and destroy. Our problem is ignorance of the consequences of our manipulating God's eternal laws.  

In God we live and move and have our being. We are the development of intelligence in God's body! In eternality our greatest achievement would be to preserve intelligence in God's body by creating factory spaceships that can build space ships capable of intergalactic travel and spreading the intelligence through the cosmos.