To friends and loved ones,
News from Russia:
1) As you may have heard, Olga and I live as brother and sister.
2) We have a jointly owned apartment here in Russia.
3) Olga's father has been living with us much of the last two years.
4) Olga's dad has been totally disabled for a number of years. But last August Pop suffered another stroke that left him unable to talk or feed himself. He has gained the ability to whisper a few words but has been near death a number of times with pneumonia.
Olga spends about 5 hours a day changing diapers, bathing, dressing bed sores and giving injections of pneumonia. Then we are often up in the night with Pop coughing and we help him clear his lungs.
The other day Olga called, Father died!. I went to his room. Pop was motionless and his mouth was filled with suds. He was not breathing and had no pulse. While Olga suctioned his moth I press his lower chest to flex his lungs. He gasped a couple times but there was no pulse. Then Olga gave Pop heart massage and gradually his pulse came back.
Pop had help raise a nephew that lives in the Ukraine as an elderly retired military officer. The day before Pop had gotten a letter from his nephew's son telling the family news. When Olga read the letter to Pop it brought him great news. Pop recovered from the brink but he had no memory of the letter but enjoyed it again.
5) I don't know how Olga dose it because most days she babysits her granddaughter Darina (a 2 year old).
6) As for me I am glad to be able to work on my website with no phone and no mail to worry about (till I return to a basket full). I would stay the winter to help but must return to get documents or face Russian fines and expulsion. Also, I need to open my mail, pay my bills and pay my taxes. As it is I return to Florida in mid December. Lord willing I will return in the Spring with the Internationally Certified documentation Russia requires for me to continue my Russian Residence status.
7) I have no car after mine was totaled last winter (see youtube:
I want to thank warmth of the friends that helped with getting to Meeting both in Florida and New York. Also, I'm thankful for all the friends I've made on my daily walks.
I don't know about getting a car soon. I invested the $9,000 and more in Uranium stock last February thinking I would have enough to buy a new car by summer. Well! Then came the Japanese reactor blowing up in a tsunami and my Uranium investment blew up with it!
May The Spirit Of Truth Be With You, Don (and Olga)

Donald J. Johnson Sr.