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1-8-16 * Shock About Bruno Slander

Before going on I would discuss three difficult subjects that recent events and the discovery of Bruno bashing have brought to mind: 1) Homosexuality, 2) Different codes for men and women, 3) Killing of villages in the Old Testament.

1) Homosexuality:

My experience with homosexuals started when I started hitch hiking. When picked up and propositioned to commit homosexual acts I said the same thing as when I was invited to join in a theft, I said it was against my religion. I was respected except twice. Once alone at 14 years old a man in a pick up truck while driving pulled out a deck of cards with nude women posing. As he was driving he began to masturbate. When he had to stop at a stop sign I jumped out and he drove off.

The other time was later that summer Jimmy Reynolds and I were hitching to Chanute Air Field, Illinois to visit Roger Chaplin in an Air Force Training Program there. A man picked us up in Indiana. While driving by a house in the countryside said it was a whorehouse. Then he said at night he would peek in the windows because he liked to watch people have sex. He went on to say that we were on a long stretch of road with no intersections. If he dropped us off we would not be able to get a ride. Then he asked us to get together in the back seat and have oral sex or he would make us walk. He stopped for me to get out and go in the back seat. I just got out and would not get back in saying it was against my religion. Jimmy got out and the man drove off. It was not to long and another car picked us up.

2) Different codes for men and women:

Men and women are different. As we traveled to Moscow for medical care twice a year in the early 2000's we used the internet cafes. They were always filled with boys playing games. There is a game room in the park here in southern Russia. Teen age girls are there with there belly sticking out trying to get the boys attention but not to play the games. It is the same where ever young people are left to themselves. The same story could be told the world over where young people are free to follow their impulses. Teen age boys and girls have different impulses.

Unfortunately there is corruption here also. When the young drug dealer drove his car up the park walking path to sell drug at the game room, someone called the police. Before the police got there the dealers got a call on their cell phone from someone in the police department. So they left and then the police came.

Most cultures independently developed different codes of sexual behavior for men and women. Why? To oppress women?


My mother had to raise boys without a father. It was not easy. I taught "the bad boys" math for the building trades. The bad boys needed discipline. They were to strong for their mother even when she cared. Tyrant mothers can raise wimps but they don't fall into the "bad boy" grouping often. I met that grouping at the Unitarian Universalist Church. That is another story.

Any way the need the bad boys need male discipline or a tyrant. I had learned to hate the sin but love the sinner. I had learned that discipline without a caring relationship brought hatred in young men. Healthy boys need a father figure that gives caring discipline. When my father was about to give me a wiping he would say this is going to hurt me more than you. And he meant it! I built a relationship with the bad boys by the fellowship of punishment staying after school to make up missed work.

There needs to be a parenting bond between a young man and his father figure. That goes two ways. It must be planted in the older male first. How do men become caring enough to form a parenting relationship? Now in many areas Child Development people are learning enough to have fathers involved in the prenatal care and in the birthing room!!!

If a man is not confident that he is the physical father of a child he is much less likely to form a fathering relationship. It is equally important for father figure relationship with girls but it is different nature.


The mothering relationship and fathering relationship with children are different but both important. For a functionally healthy mature woman the pregnancy is an intimate foundation of a quality relationship with her child.

In most cases where the man is absent or in doubt that he is the physical father even a functionally healthy man is not likely to make a healthy home with a woman who has another man's children and he is not likely to form a healthy parenting bond with another man's children.

This wisdom got built into mature healthy cultures but in some cases was corrupted by war and rape leading to sadomasochistic degradation of the culture into the evil of tyrant male corruption with multiple wives and wife beating culturally permitted.


In my experience under the political sickness of government and law catering to corrupt people to get elected with giveaways an lack of law enforcement (like no punishment for perjured testimony in divorce) and letting a corrupted women take a man's children, home and income.

3) Killing of villages in the Old Testament:


My greatest hope is to help children grow up in a culture that has insight into, respect for and protection of every Zygote's right to a healthy conception with healthy parents being born into a healthy home, community, nation and world. My hope is that by including some details of my life they may help focus attention on the needs of children if my work in Physics and Ontology are ever discovered.

I am adding to and editing this work in 2006. Since the 1960's I have known my roll model of the nucleus is fundamentally correct and that the Bata factor was on the wrong side of the force equation for a changed particle in an electric or magnetic field (mass is not a function of velocity). Since the 1970's I've known gravity was a pressure and since retirement in 2000 I've found the mathematical derivation of Gravity as pressure an easy task.

I understand about God to the point (for me) my belief is by knowledge and understanding of the truth rather than by faith. At this point my awareness of the harm done to the potential children have for healthy growth and development (spiritually, physically and intellectually). What our culture permits (and in some cases empowers) are crimes against humanity.

I have been a solver of problems all my life. But more than that, I wanted to know how it worked? We had dumps where people threw stuff over the cliff. I would get old radios and any machine to take it apart and see what was inside. At about 10 I built a crystal set. What a wonder! What a joy! Add to this the experience that the military authority structure and the "helping professions" were sometimes sadistic and you have the mix of a deep curiosity into "what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?

When I was first married with a good job as an electrician in a steel mill. I wondered why I was so curios. I asked my self, "Why couldn't I be like other men I knew and be happy putting left door handles on Fords the rest of my life?

Curiosity is a cross between interest and concern. If you look at the emotion chart you will see interest is a healthy response to a problem and a need to investigate. Where, concern is associated with anger as a healthy response to frustration and confrontation.