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1-8-14 * Scientific Method

I have been taught the scientific method more in my courses for teaching science than in my Mathematics and Physics courses. But something is artificial to me here. It is like this came from someone without enough real experience with Nature to have a better more intuitive foundation to articulate from. For now I will just state the obvious. We exist! We have awareness of our selves. We have awareness of others like self-existing. We exist physically as part of a physical world. We have communication skills. We communicate and record communications. We observe our physical world. We learn by three methods:

1) By personal experience including purposed investigation,
2) We learn by having faith in others and believing what they say. This includes book learning, lecture learning and other presentations intended to teach and/or condition you.

Since our brain and awareness has separate components this becomes complicated because one part may know or be conditioned and be in conflict with another part. Hearing reading or thinking something may effect our beliefs even though part of our consciousness rejects the idea.

Personal experience learning may turn out to be the key.

It may be part of what many children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds are deprived of. I am reminded from 1961 of what Sociology Professor Bell said in class at the University of Syracuse in our night school course; that children from homes that can afford child care (or get it free from insurance or welfare tax money) are often victims of neglect when compared to poor homes with many children (with a caregiver in-home mother and a guiding father bread winner).

Note that guided personal experience is necessary in human terms to experience that which will lead to insight and understanding and then new insight either to go father or to find and correct some error in understanding. That is the hardest kind of learning when someone has an understanding that needs corrected.

I taught bad boys grouped in a course "Math for the Building Trades". I started with a parents meeting and contracts. Many of the problem boys had no father and the mothers were helpless when I asked for their help to get the boys to come to class and apply themselves. I was able to help most by keeping them after school and giving them personal help and discipline. At that time my ex wife died and I got my home back after 15 years of neglect. I hired some of the former "bad boys" to help me remodel. They did a good job or I just got different ones till I had great helpers.

I will give a copy of two pages of a Sociology text book and then share my personal background and experience which is my foundation. I have had insight to see reality more clearly, then to articulate it verbally and model it mathematically. With mathematical models and computer programming I can display the models dynamically.