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I am still working on this from time to time. Just now it is 2015-10-12.

I am in Russia. I have been paying for Olga to have our apartment remodeled. I do not speak Russian and am in the USA Summer and Winter so Olga has full control.

The Bathroom and kitchen are great but the rest is royal elegance like French Renaissance.

As you may know this is a reflection of the narcissism. It was the result of the affluence. With affluence women hired wet nurses and baby setters (day and night care by outer than the affluent mother). As you may know the ability to give a healthy maternal nursing bond degrades generationally and along with that is disabled infant brain development with autism and sadomasochism. The normal behavioral development of narcissism to homoerotic to hetroerotic to altruistic is often disabled giving the rise in adult narcissists, sociopathy, homosexuality, sex crimes and other criminal behavior without the ability to do naturally healthy parenting.

Note: Psychopathy, also known as—though sometimes distinguished from— sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior.

I feel sad and I paid for an art gallery that distracts from fellowship in Christ's outlook. Both in daily life and our Sunday fellowship meetings.

What is sad about the narcissism is that Olga is a home Christian after her grandmother's and  father's love of Christ as the foundation of a home. She is logically committed and has a nice testimony but sometimes the fruit she bares exposes an underground dominance of  narcissism.

Maybe I am over reacting. The "California Workers" are over a fellowship of home meetings  in Russia and they will not let me take part in meeting because I was married before. But we have home meeting that I supervise and give my testimony in and Olga is supportive of that.