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(From 2002 to 2008 we have lived and taught Spring and Fall in the North Caucuses)

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Question, "What do we have to start with?"
Answer, "Experience."
Conclusion, "That is our foundation to reason on!"

My Testimony About Parents And Grandparents

My grandparents gave me my parents, aunts and uncles. Nothing else and I loved and respected them and visited them once a year. Once as a working teen I sent my grandma Pelton some money for a Christmas present and at 14 (while working at Hoover's dairy and staying at Frank Pluff's, Jimmy Reynolds and I hitchhiked to Chunute Field Air Force Base in Ill. to visit Rodger Chaplin and on the way back went to PA to my Pelton grandparents and fill their woodshed for the winter before returning to Pekin and returning home to Kenmore for school in September.

My parents gave me life and raised me to 16. After that when home I paid room and board. I loved and respected them dearly. (I was angry that my mother would not allow discussion of politics and religion and withheld the truth about the bad news and behavior of others).

My dad as killed in an accident when I was 12. My older brother 13 went to PA to live with my Johnson grandparents. My mother worked the Night Shift at a GM radiator plant in Lockport and went to Teacher's College in the day to get certified to teach in NY.

For two years I helped my mom raise my three younger siblings. Then a college friend introduced my mother to a nice man (Walter Rahn). They married and we moved to Kenmore.

With my mother remarried, my older brother returned and mother became a home mom and I was not needed so the summers I was 14 and 15 I left home and worked on a farm. At 16 I quit school got a job and paid for my room and board. My stepfather lent me money to buy a car and at seventeen I went in the USAF. My pay was $80 a month of which $50 went to my stepfather to pay the car loan. I worked evenings at a custard stand to have money for gas and to save. When I married my stepfather lent me $5,000.00 as a second mortgage to buy my Kenmore home for $17,000.00 (now valued about $150,000.00).

That is all I ever got from my parents, but when they went broke, I bought their Condominium so they could stay in it. My monthly payments to them were enough to pay the bills.

My stepfather got liver cancer and was on Home Hospis Care. I was with him when he died and I helped my mom who later moved into a senior apartment.

As I married Olga my mom fell and had dementia. We had her with us for a couple years and then got her a senior residence as we went to Russia for Olga's medical care (We could not afford it in the USA.

Wen my mother died I used the money I stilled owed for the Condominium to buy stock for her children Bob, Karen, Bud and for Dean's children.

Then about 2003 I bought a Russian apartment to be prepared to care for Olga's parents. They both died in our home being cared for by us.

I asked for and received nothing but their love and appreciation. I loved and respected them as Sovereign Individuals that gave Olga the gift of life.

I pray for healthier homes with providing and protecting husbands and homemaker wives that raise their children to be Sovereign Individuals that stand on their own two feet.

Make America great again? It will not happen!

The problem is the breakdown of the maternal mammalian nursing bond! And it will get worse as the breakdown generates truncated development leading to autism, sadomasochism, LGBTQ. So much for women's liberation and daycare!

And each generation of women raised in daycare is less able to provide a quality maternal mammalian nursing bond to her infants.