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Murder 2007-04-18

2007-04-18f Christian Martyrs in Turkey

On April 19, 2007 Compass Direct News reported that five young Muslim Turks entered a Christian publishing office in the southeastern province of Malatya and tortured and killed the three Christians present.  This is their story.

* * *
Necati and Semse Aydin(1)

It had been a long day at work, and Necati Aydin was washing up so that he could  sink faucet on and let the warm water run over his ink stained hands, the black ink dripping off his fingers.

The bell on the front door of the shop signaled that a customer had entered the office.  Necati turned off the faucet, quickly dried off his hands, and walked up to the front counter.  Five men walked through the door, and Necati noticed that many of them were carrying large kitchen knives.  He shifted uneasily.

"Can I help you"? he said as confidently as his shaking voice would allow.

A few miles up the street from the publishing house, Semse, Necati's wife, was getting ready to start dinner.  Elisa and Ester were playing together' if the teasing and arguing between a six year old boy and his five year old sister can be called playing.  Semse did not bother to stop them.  Necati would be home soon, and every time he walked through the door, the two children would run to greet him, their momentary squabbles forgotten as their father pulled them both into a giant hug.

"Yes, you can help me," snarled one of the men.  "You can curse your Jesus!"  On the word "Jesus" he stabbed his knife into the counter top where Necati's hand had been a few moments before.

As the knife crashed into the counter, Tilmann Geske and Ugur Yuksel, the two other believers still in the publishing office, came to see what was happening.  Necati tried to signal them to stay back, but they did not see his warning.

"What is going on out here"? said Tillmann, his hands carefully holding a stack of paper from the printer. "Why"? Tilmann's voice dropped off when he saw the knives the men were holding and the looks of hatred on their faces.

Susanne Geske looked at Lukas with a mixture of annoyance and amusement.  The ten year old boy had copied out pages and pages of the book of Psalms'all over the blank "Thank You" cards that Susanne had intended to send to their mission supporters.

"Yes, you're right," she said patiently. "It does look a lot like Daddy's printing, but how about we go find some different paper to write the verses on"?

Susanne chuckled to herself as she helped Lukas meticulously stack his cards.  He was certainly his Tilmann's son.

On a signal from their leader, the five intruders charged at Necati, Tilmann, and Ugur.  Ugur, the youngest of the three men, managed to quickly jump backwards out of the reach.  Tilman was hit over the head before he could drop his stack of paper to defend himself, and Necati was grappling with four of the men.  Ugur ran towards Necati to help him, but found himself flat on his face when the handle of one of the knives thudded into the back of his skull.Three Martyrs

Although Necati struggled for quite some time, the five men were eventually able to over-power him and then tied the three men to chairs that were in the office.  Ugur tried to keep the back of his head from resting against the chair; he could already feel a large lump swelling on the base of his neck where he had been hit.

Cemile* fingered her ring excitedly as she stared into her closet trying to decide what to wear.  That night, her fianc鬦nbsp;Ugur Yuksel, would be taking her out for a walk and dinner to discuss their wedding plans.  Ugur had not understood why they needed to have so many detailed worked out three and a half months before the wedding, but Cemile had assured him that is was important.  And even if they did not discuss the plans, just spending time with Ugur would be the highlight of her day.

Reaching into the closet, Cemile picked out a spring yellow dress.  She had bought the dress two weeks ago because she knew that yellow was Ugur's favorite color.  She held the dress up to herself, spun around once, and decided it would be perfect for that night.

Necati gritted his teeth to keep himself from audibly crying out.  One after another, each of his fingers were cut and the blood allowed to freely flow onto the floor. 

Next the intruders began taunting the men to speak in defense of their faith and when they did, stabbing their legs, arms, and

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"Who is this Jesus that you believe in"?

"He is the Son of G'ah!"  Necati's wrist was sliced open, and his blood quickly began to drain from his body.

With his remaining strength Necati called out as loudly as he could, Police!  Help, him His cry was cut off as one of the men turned on him and sliced through his throat.

When the sound of steps was heard on the stairs in the building, two of the men put their knives on Ugur and Tilmann's throats.  Tillman raised his hands heavenwards and began to pray.  Ugur, weeping, could say nothing but ?Mesih, Mesih [Messiah].?

In a second, both men were silenced; their windpipes completely severed.
That night when Ester and Elisa went running to the door to hug their father, they were greeted by a member of the Turkish police.  The man was unable to look Semse in the eye as he told her that her husband, Necati, had been killed.

For much of the evening Susanne and Luke copied out verses?on colored construction paper.  But Tilmann never came home to see the verses.

Cemile received a phone call.  Expecting to hear Ugur voice, she picked it up excitedly, ?Hello!  Oh no. The hospital? Yes of course, come down there?

By the time Cemile arrived at the hospital, Ugur had already passed away.

These men were victims in the eyes of their attackers, but today they are heroes and martyrs in the eyes of believer worldwide.

*Name changed to protect identity

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