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19 Malatya Turkey 2007-04-18 Three Christians Tortured And Murdered By Islamists   

Tortured Then Murdered Christians and Islamic Government Subterfuge

 Note: that the retired Generals, Professors and some Journalist are the good guys
The government is an outlawed Islamist party elected under a different name!

2007-04-18 Christian Missionaries  Tortured and Murdered
2007-04-20 Convert’s Farewell Letter to Muslim Family
2007-04-27 Four Street Evangelists Jailed 
2007-05-22 Press Leaks Murder Suspect’s ‘Secret’ Deposition
2007-07-19 Prosecutor Demands Christians’ Acquittal Accusers
2007-09-04 Christians Face Ongoing Intimidation
2007-09-28 Alleged Instigators Named in Malatya Murders
2007-10-01 Widow of Slain Christian: ‘A Cross for Me Every Day
2007-10-05 Threats, Violence against Christians on Upswing
® President: ‘no attacks targeting Christians in Turkey.’ ® 
2007-11-05 Local press sensationalizes killers’
2007-11-27 Lawyers Slam Investigation of Malatya Murders
2007-11-30 Spurious Case Against Converts Prolonged
2007-12-11 Malatya ‘Investigation Scandals’ Rock Turkish Press
2008-01-23 Young Muslim says intent was to seize evidence
2008-02-28 Judges Court’s impartiality questioned 
® Mysterious Clerical ‘Error’
2008-04-17 High court rejects plaintiff demands
2008-04-17 One Year after Murders, One Man Blamed
2008-04-24 Communities commemorate slain Christians
2008-05-07 Armed Men Threaten Church Incident in Ankara
2008-06-05 Alleged Masterminds of Slayings
2008-06-10 Murder Suspects Accuse Each Other in Malatya Trial
2008-07-09 Alleged Masterminds of Malatya Murders Named
2008-09-15 Witnesses indicate ringleader wasn’t only one planning
® Suspect in Malatya Murders Expected State Support
® Malatya Murder Case Aids Probe of ‘Deep State’|
19a The Seven Churches
19b History of Armenia/Turkey
19c Some Source Links
2009-01-20 Lawyers Move to Expand Scope of Malatya Trial
® Islamist Getting Rid Of Turkish Secularists ® 
2009-02-12 Two More Arrested in Malatya Murders Ex-journalist
2009-02-24 Links to Masterminds of Murders in Malatya
® look at the spin - ringleader’s father testify. 
® Local Officials’ Role Emerges in Malatya Murders
2009-05-28 Efforts to Tie Malatya Murders to ‘Deep State’ Fizzle
® No-Show key witness to hearing
2009-07-21 ® Deep State Suspected of Silencing Witnesses
2009-08-25 Murder Defendant again Admits Perjury
2009-09-15 Testimony Shows Malatya Murders Premeditated
2009-10-22 Turkish Police Official Axed amid Allegations in Murders
2009-11-17 Link Murders in Turkey to ‘Deep State’
2009-12-16 Plot Targeting Turkey’s Religious Minorities
2009-12-29 Link Murder of Christians to ‘Cage Plan’
2010-02-24 Turkish Court Pushes to Close Malatya Murder
2010-04-21 New Evidence Stalls Murder Trial
2010-10-21 Alleged ‘Middleman’ Arrested in Malatya 
2010-12-16 Turkey - Generals Accused
2010-12-20 Links between Murders in Turkey ‘Masterminds’
2010-12-29 Link Murder of Christians to ‘Cage Plan’
2011-02-24 Turkish Court Pushes to Close Malatya Murder Case
2011-03-06 Missionary hunt, Malatya massacre and justice
2011-03-15 Christians in Turkey Face Harassment; Murder Trial Stalls
2011-03-18 More False Holkum
® The Truth Published but band!
2012-01-71 Rick Perry on Turkey murder of women up %1400
2012-03-29 Erdogan more ruthless
2012-04-04 Former Turkish President On Trial
2012-05-24 Turkey - Top General Sentenced To Death
2012-08-04 Turkey 40 General Arrested
2012-09-19 Turkey Malatya Massacrers On Trial
2012-12-07 Prosecutor yanked from murder trials
2013-07-13 Turkey parliament curtails army powers
2013-08-10 Turkey Army & Press Trial Verdicts
2013-09-02 Turkey Army More Trial Verdicts
Turkey Murder Gulen AKP
2013-10-08 Islam
2013-12-18 Islam AKP Gulen
2014-03-04 Islam Release
2014-04-11 Trial Delay
2015-01-22 Accused perpetrators released in Malatya murder trial
2015-03-11 Turkey moves Malatya murder trial court
2015-03-12 Five suspected of Malatya murders set free
2015-03-31 Turkish court acquits all defendants in coup plot trial -lawyer
2015-06-07 Erdogan Did Not Get Majority Needed To Make President
2015-07-20 Erdogan Did Not Get Majority Needed To Make President
2014-04-11 Trial Delay