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Yemen - The Sana'a Manuscripts
Highlights : Vowel signs
© Organisation Nationale de l'Arch√©ologie, des Mus√©es et des Manuscrits, Yemen
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Yemen - The Sana'a Manuscripts

The CD-ROM "The Sana'a Manuscripts" illustrates the evolution of Arabic calligraphy as evident in a set of rare manuscripts that belong to the Yemenite antiquities and manuscripts organization.
The CD-ROM includes four components:

1. Yemenite manuscripts: Presents a general introduction to Yemen, the Yemenite manuscripts collections and the great mosque's quranic fragments.

2. Arabic calligraphy : Presents a brief description on the evolution of
Arabic calligraphy.

3. Quranic fragments: Offers 651 images of 302 fragments, indexed by script, frames, etc.

4. Non quranic manuscripts: displays a selection of rare manuscripts in different areas like geography, astronomy, medicine, etc.

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