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1-6-19 * Destroying Egypt

c. 1000-1050: Groups of Rajputs begin migration out of northern India toward Persia and Armenia.

c. 1100: Romani people recorded in the Byzantine Empire.

Islam destroys Egyptian library

Early Muslims wanted to justify the veneration of the moon with a lunar calendar. They barrowed knowledge from the east as they went destroying temples and libraries. No matter how much deception is published and books destroyed they were not able to destroy the truth and they could not justify the veneration of the Moon in God's physical laws. For a quick background in Mathematics go to https://thewaythetruthandthelife.net/index/1_background/1-1_cosmological/1-1-11_math.htm. For a quick background in Physics go to https://thewaythetruthandthelife.net/index/1_background/1-1_cosmological/1-1-10_physics.htm. I have degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Education. It grieves me to see the falsification of science, mathematics and history (even in referenced library books) that is done by Muslims. If you want to see the work of men that loved God look at Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) who (a devote Christian) said that his greatest accomplishment was to go to God a virgin or look at Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) who died with a grandchild on his lap as he read the Christian Bible.