1-6-12 Whitewash 

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 Turkey/Armenia 1-6-14

1-6-13 * Clinton's Kosovo Treason

Question, "What do we have to start with?"
Answer, " Experience."
Conclusion, "That is our foundation to reason on!
Not What Some One Said!"

1941-2008  Crucified Kosovo
1995-12-14 Dayton
1999-10-03 Misleading UN Report on Kosovo
2000 Kosovo Albanian War Crimes
2000-08-22 Clinton's Kosovo Fraud
2004-03-19 Christian Church Destroyed By A Moslem Village
2007-05-09 Kosovo Albanian Muslim Terrorists In The USA
2007-11-04 Hillary Takes Cash From Terror Suspects
2007-12-15 Clinton Library Got Funds From Abroad
2011-02-09 White House-State Department rift on Egypt
2011-10-20 Clinton on Qaddafi: "We came, we saw, he died"
2012-03-05 Islamic (from Bosnia and Herzegovina) slavery in Europe (Germany)
2012-04-02 Turkey USA Sunni Islam
2012-04-04 Friends Of Syria Undermine Peace
2013-10-20 Deported Kosovo Roma

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