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Note that the order of the Suras is not the order received from Mohammad.
Muslim Authorities use the order received from Mohammad.

By Sura he Later Suras Abrogate The Older Ones
Mohammad said that Allah could change his mind.

1-6-07-0 The Koran's Origin
The Koran - As Published Today
1-6-07-2 The Koran - Suras In Order Of Value
1-6-07-3 The Koran - On line
1-6-07-4 The Koran - References to Jesus
1-6-07-5 The Koran - A Subjective Construction
1-6-07-6 The Infancy Gospel of Thomas
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1-6-07-7 The Verse Of The Sword: Sura 9:5 And Jihad
1-6-07-8 Jefferson's Koran
1-6-07-9 Criticism of the Quran

Listen to my plea after walking through Islamic Murder sites like the Moscow Metro (Subway) and Domodedovo Airport.

"And for whatever verse we abrogate and cast into oblivion We bring a better or the like of it; knowest thou not that Allah is powerful over everything?"  -- Sura 2:106 

 - Koran saved from the University of Michigan    https://quod.lib.umich.edu/k/koran/

1977 bombing

On 8 January 1977, a bomb was reported to have killed 7 and seriously injured 33. It went off in a crowded train between Izmaylovskaya and Pervomayskaya stations.[33][34] Three Armenians were later arrested, charged and executed in connection with the incident.[35]

2004 bombings

On 6 February 2004, an explosion wrecked a train between the Avtozavodskaya and Paveletskaya stations on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line, killing 39 and wounding over 100.[38] Chechen terrorists were blamed. A later investigation concluded that a Karachay-Cherkessian resident (an Islamic militant) had carried out a suicide bombing. The same group organized another attack on 31 August 2004.

2010 bombing

On 29 March 2010, two bombs exploded on the Sokolnicheskaya Line. The first bomb went off at the Lubyanka station on the Sokolnicheskaya Line at 7:56, during the morning rush hour.[41] Reports suggested that 39 people were killed and 64 wounded. At least 24 were killed in the first explosion, of which 14 were in the rail car where the explosion took place. A second explosion occurred at the Park Kultury station at 8:38, roughly forty minutes after the first one.[41] Fourteen people were reported dead in that explosion.

Moscow Domodedovo International Airport bombing  24 January 2011