1-6-01 911 Reaction 

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 Freedom? 1-6-03

1-6-02 * Are Muslim Children The Victims?

Memorization Robs The Soul And Prevents Learning By One's Own Experience - They Are Programmed!

1-6-02-01 Child Sacrifice In Suicide Murders
The Koran teaches 2 year old Who are stricken by Allah's Wrath? Jews!
1-6-02-03 The Koran teaches 3 year old  Who are stricken by Allah's Wrath?  Jews!
1-6-02-04 The Koran teaches 3 year old the Koran that Jews are Apes and Pigs!
1-6-02-05 Teaching Murder And Suicide Publicly Funded. 1/10 of Egyptians are still Christian
                and their taxes help pay for this!
1-6-02-06 "Karachi Kids" Trailer: Documentary About American Boys in Madrassa
1-6-02-07 Egyptian child preacher
1-6-02-08 Loving innocent programmed child ready to do murder subside as a service to Allah
1-6-02-09 Girl Escapes From Murdering Moslems (What about Christians and Buddhists?)
1-6-02-10 Programming Results - Young Imam Community Leader
1-6-02-11 Programming Results - Older Imams - Statesmen
1-6-02-12 Congressman West - Sura 9:5 says, "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them
1-6-02-13 Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Embraces Hate Preaching Imam~ Video