1-4-13 Haitian

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1-5-14 * American

An Insanity is to reason perfectly on a false assumption! Many are taught at Universities!
Don't memorize. Experience physical and behavioral Reality!

1-5-14-0 How were the first Americans?
1-5-14-1 Genetic history peoples in the Americas
1-5-14-2 Prehistoric American People
1-5-14-3 History and Colonization of the Americas
1-5-14-4 American   Wars
1-5-14-5 American Presidents 
1-5-14-6 List of Presidents
1-5-14-7 Christian American Capital - First American Bible 
1-5-14-8 American Demographics
1-5-14-9 How does health spending in the U.S. compare to other countries?
1-5-14-x American Child Care