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God's Law Of Genetics: "What makes the babies makes the genetics of the future!"

Alpha male

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An alpha male is the top-ranking male in a mammalian social group.


Some animals live in a social structure where the most powerful male in the group is decided by either fights or very aggressive battles that sometimes end in death (in the wild). The current alpha male must defend his position from younger members. When he is too old or not strong enough to win, he loses his position in the group. Sometimes, he will die or be forced to leave the group.

The result of this is that the alpha male usually has more opportunity to mate with the available females. This system developed because strong males will produce young which have a better chance for survival.


Some animal groups which may have alpha males:


Alpha male can also refer to a high-ranked man in a human group. This may be in a business setting or sometimes in other competitive areas, like sports. However, this is an extension by metaphor: humans do not have the same mating system as other social mammals. One reason is that the oestrous cycle in humans is different. This has the result that females may be sexually receptive at almost any time. Also, humans generally pair off, and alpha males do not have exclusive rights over all females in a group, except in rare circumstances.

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"Islamic fascism" (first described in 1933), also known since 1990 as "Islamofascism",[Zuckerman 2012, p. 353.], [Falk 2008, p. 122.] is a term drawing an analogy between the ideological characteristics of specific Islamist movements and a broad range of European fascist movements of the early 20th century, neofascist movements, or totalitarianism.

Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini and    Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler

Bosnian Muslims of the Waffen SS Division Handschar at prayer during their training at Neuhammer in November 1943