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The main points here are:

    1. Pangaea broke up when Earth was struck by the Moon (not the Alvarez Theory)
    2. After the break up, mountain formation (other than volcanic) was due to the Coriolis effect (rotation and central force) not plate tectonics.

The academic problem is living through "Book Learning" rather than "Experiencing Physical Reality".

"Early Childhood Education" takes children away from the physical work and play that gives "Physical Intuition" (pattern/non-verbal insight) and "Physical Commonsense" (logical/verbal insight); and the wisdom of their elders would have shared in a healthier Anthropculture.

The Roma/Gypsies (that escaped Islamic Conversion by murder in Hindustan 1,100 years ago). Kept the immigrating "horse and wagon" as a way of life traveling and working among Christian farm lands in Europe (centered  around the Black Sea farm family home church area and where that had spread with the Goths who, when they invaded the area, were converted by the original Apostolic Home Church Culture left by:
    1. Peter, his wife and companions,
    2. Paul and his companions, and
    3. Andrew with his wife or sister and other companions).

The farm "Family Home Church Anthropculture" never died. It survived Rome, Constantinople and The Reestablished Priesthood (It was a Priesthood that had Christ Murdered) with the help and conversion of the Goths. The Catholic Church murdered them a heretics because they went directly to their source of creation. We know this caring relationship from digging His dirt and eating the fruit and animals He provided along with the caring family fellowship that came from living and working together daily. As Christ said, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

Note: don't let an Islamist confuse you! The Jesus, of the Koran, is not the Christ but a lesser Prophet subordinate to Mohammad but the Koran says he made birds out of mud and they flew (Jesus makes mud birds live. Koran Sura 3:49 , 5:110.

Without being literate, the Roma/Gypsies kept a healthy Anthropculture for a 1,100 years (as many pre-literate cultures) by the family and community ties. The Roma/Gypsies would group their wagons around a fire and sit and tell stories in family and community closeness while the women were naturally bare breasted and breast fed till the child was 4 or 5 years old.

With affluence and city life, the Roma/Gypsies Anthropculture has degenerated along with the breakdown of healthy "Maternal Nursing Bond"  of the affluent as the women hired wet nurses and baby sitters. Also, they replaced the relationship and "Wisdom of the Elders" with book learning!