1-1-14 Cosmological

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 Cosmos 1-1

1-1-15 * The Eternal Cycle

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1-1-15-1 Chaos In The Aether Sea
1-1-15-2 Vortices (source of Strings of Galaxies)
1-1-15-3 Vortex Rings "Vortons" building blocks of Electrons, Positron, Photons and Protons
1-1-15-4 Trons And Shadow Effect Forms Sub Atomic Particles
1-1-15-5 Hydrogen Cloud Compressed To Form Solar Systems from Galaxies Sub Atomic Particles
1-1-15-6 Solar Systems form Chemicals From Hydrogen Fusion
1-1-15-7 Collection And Compression Till Fission/Fusion Supernova