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Mathematics 1-1-11 

1-1-10 * Treatise Of Physics

by Arnold Berliner, Julius Springer, Berlin 1935



1-1-10-01  General Theory of Motion and Force (Mechanics)
1-1-10-02  Motion on prescribed trajectory
1-1-10-03  General Principles of Mechanics
1-1-10-04  Mechanical Properties of solids
1-1-10-05  The inelastic fluids (which form drops) and the elastic fluids (Gases)
1-1-10-06  Flow of incompressible fluid and gases assumed to be incompressible
1-1-10-07  Molecular phenomena when fluids meet. Gases and solids
1-1-10-08  Wave motion
1-1-10-09  Acoustics
1-1-10-10  Basic concepts: Temperature, Heat
1-1-10-11  Electricity
1-1-10-12  Optics
1-1-10-13 The atom of matter as aggregate of atoms of electricity (Radok)

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1-1-10-14 NEWTON'S APPLE
1-1-10-15 Inviscus Flow Dynamics and Vortices

1-1-10-00 Physics - A Wikipedia Overview (with links to details)

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In 1935, this book summarized in simple language, that is, without advanced mathematics, the foundations of Physics for future students of Physics and people who were looking for information relating to their own activities. The index of all subsections gives direct access to selected topics. Although not a physicist, I have used over the years this book whenever I needed information. While it is not up to date, its presentation of the background material at the time of the research leading to the atom bomb and electronics is excellent. Some of the terminology may not be standard. I will be grateful for any comments.

You can step forwards or backwards at the end of subdivisions; the first one is General Theory of Motion and Force (Mechanics), the last one Electron envelopes of nuclear atom, their properties and structure (Bohr 1913).

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