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Do not be confused by the creation myths. They are taught as:

1) (the so-called) science, the big bang theory. Creation around 13 billion years ago;
2) (the so-called) Biblical creation, creation around 6000 years ago. They are both magic poof creations of something from nothing.

Postulate: Physical Reality Exists and is not created or destroyed. This is God's infinite physical body.

Restating the Postulates: (See 1-1-01-1 Postulates Of Physical Reality - A Foundation Statement )

We build on three postulates of physical reality. 

  1. Physical Space exists! There is one and only one Physical Space. Physical Space is Infinite, Eternal and Unchanging in three linearly independent directions. The only property of Physical Space is that of a container.

  2. Physical Matter exists in Space! Matter is Infinite, and Eturnal. Matter Inviscus, inelastic, incompressible, and infinitely divisible fluid Called Aether. Each element of matter occupies its own volume in space uniquely. There is an infinite amount of Matter in an infinite Space but the density is of Matter finite.

  3. Motion of matter exists! The capacity for motion is not created or destroyed, just transmitted by motion and collision.

Physical Properties of Space, Matter and Motion.

  1. An Origin is an arbitrary Point in Space

  2. The center of an Element Of Matter is Point called its Location.

  3. An element of Matter's first law of motion - sometimes referred to as the law of inertia. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same motion and in the same direction unless it has a collision with other elements of matter.

  4. Time is defined as proportional to the distance traveled 

  5. The Location of an Element of Mater is defined as the Point of the center of mass of that element of Matter

Creation is a process of grouping portions of the Aether in a form by the Eternal And Unchanging Properties Of The Aether!
2) Matter in Space - Inviscus, inelastic, incompressible, infinitely divisible fluid. Each element of matter occupies its own volume in space uniquely.
3) Motion of Matter in Space - motion is not created or destroyed, it is redistributed by collision. Time is a property of physical reality (God's physical substance) operationally defined by matter in motion in space. Creation is forming something from eternal physical matter like creating a hat. The substance is eternal but the form is temporal in accordance with the eternal laws of physical reality (physical laws of God's physical body). Time and chance in collisions vary the density of matter around a fixed equilibrium.