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1-1-04 * The Underlying Reality of Instantaneous Collision Transfer of Motion


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Rather than talk in terms of three dimensional density lets talk in percentage of the length of solid matter Ls (red line below left) in a straight line of length Lt (purple line below left) The solid percent (S%) is:  
                                S% (Ls/Lt)100%, (Ls = Lt - Lv)
                                S% ((Lt-Lv)/Lt)100% = (1-Lv/Lt)100%

If the travel of impulse through the 100% matter is instantaneous (ts is infinitely small) and the solid traversed has finite length (Ls) then the speed of impulse transmission is vs=Ls/ts is infinitely large, The observed speed will appear much greater than the ambient speed of an element of matter in a vacuum.

ts 0 tt tv
Lt = Ls + Lv, or
vttt = vsts + vvtv

We have the total length Lt . Time ts and speed vs are not clear. As ts approaches zero vs approaches infinity.  Momentum is difficult to talk about . Here is a clear difference. Momentum travels in one mass and transfers to another.  The mass in not transferred and momentum jumps to the next mass.