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There is no beginning to time and there is no end. We define a clock given constant motion along a line and distance traveled or the rotations of an object that is in constant rotation. For time to have meaning there needs to be motion.

There is no beginning to space and there is no end to space in any of it's six independent directions (up-down, right-left, and backward-forward).

There are many creation myths and folk tails. Like the "Big Bang" that "poof" the Universe was created in the order of ten billion years ago. Or, the "Creationist" that say, "poof" the universe was created some six thousand years ago.

Let us reason together. Matter is not created or destroyed. Creation is like creating a hat, it is a process of making a particular form of matter whether by molding or weaving or some other mechanism to bring a "form" of matter into being.

Any matter moving at a constant velocity in a straight line will continue moving in a straight line at a constant velocity unless acted on by collision with other matter (that is competing for the same place at the same time).

On the sub-particle level matter is a gas like reality of infinite Space and Matter (The Aether) with no fixed shape or size but a finite density. There is no cohesive force and no compression. We will see there is empty space or else the velocity of any motion would be infinite. That subatomic vortex rings (Vortons) form implies that density of matter is approaching but not equal to saturation. All stable forms of matter involve constructions built with vortex rings (Vortons).