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Some effects from past experiences have been programmed into our genes by survival. Already this makes a difference between male and female. This is amplified in females by the presents of mitochondria. Then our life's experience has many forms (real, indoctrinated and imagined). Another set of factors is that many components of our brain have an independent identity as well as the independence of different life stages. All this comes together to form our world views.

The first harm to our potential for development is genetic makeup. Next the quality of the maternal, nursing bond. Then the quality of the marriage which is culture dependent and vulnerable to political and religious intervention. Then the quality of the paternal bond even if the culture supports it.

Even when our expression of need controls our mother there are experiences that teach us that Nature is independent and is able to control our state of being at times.

Touching things teaches us the difference between hot and cold; also, differences between solids, liquids and gasses.

Listening tells us that there are many sounds that come to us and completely independent of our control.

Teething tells us that our own body can cause difficulty that a faithful mother can not save us from.

Once we can move the next problem is to be respected and protected that we are free to move on the ground.

When we grow to the "me do, me do" stage are we respected to care for our selves and as we grow are we permitted to do household chores like washing dishes like mommy or painting the house like daddy; even though the freedom and preparation are more work for our parents than if they do it themselves.

After growing to be free from the maternal bond, the next problem starts with our desire for authority figure approval. Childhood indoctrination often deprives us of the ability to grow in outlook and insight based on our personal experience in physical and behavioral reality. Do we have the freedom and ability to question, reject indoctrination and change our minds with an open outlook seeking the deeper truths.

Remember, one of the most dangerous types of insanity is to reason perfectly on a false assumption.

Background - The experience of a healthy development from our child rearing culture. Remember to be a healthy human able to love others like self we need a healthy mammalian maternal nursing bond as a foundation.

The background includes what we were taught as a child and, after life's testing, what we have found to be true. If we are healthy enough physically, psychologically and sociologically then on this foundation we may be born again, in the cultural sense, into Individual Sovereignty.