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 Cosmological 1-1

1-0 * A Quick Overview Of Where Life Came From, How It Develops And Where It Can Go!  

1-0-0 Video: Foundation Of Insight - A Life's Work
1-0-1 Creation is forming something out ot the infinite and eternal matter Our body, planet solar system
          and Galaxy are infinite  in time and space and will return to the dirt they were formed from.
1-0-2 Adam Then Adam's First Rib And Later Adam's Second Rib
1-0-3 From Jungle To Savanna, Walking and Talking (The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil) 
1-0-4 Savanna, From Wikipedia. 
Experience - the first level

1-0-6 Our Brain's Sex Differences
Prehistoric Mapping Of The star
1-0-8 Individual Sovereignty
1-0-9 Your life can have purpose now! 
           In an eternal ideal world life is perfect, all needs are met and no one is needed!

What do we have to start with?
Our Ability To Record, Our Curiosity  and
Our Background Of Experience!
(prior relevant experience)