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0.2.2 The Need For Frames And The Three Main Problems They Cause  


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The purpose here is to provide a holistic framework for the growing background of integrated insight. The scope and depth of this material is that of physical and behavioral reality. To help with connected growth of insight from investigation, new information is connected both logically (indexed) and pattern wise (graphically). 

In psychological terms this involves the figure verses background brain processing in the gestalt formation process.

The website architecture is called  "FRAMES". Frames can display more than one file at a time in different areas of the screen. New files are displayed by replacing the middle of the screen. This architecture can even permit the split screen (access menu on the right side) where one file can be on the top and compared with a second file on the bottom.


The structure of frames has three main problems: 
1) printing (in Frames there is no way to choose which displayed file to print).
2) opened sound and video files usually play the first visit even with auto play set to false.
3) web search engines pass over the multi-file system thinking it is a SPAM site.
4) Nested (doubled) Frames.
5) Wanting to view two different streams of pages on the same screen.
6) Viewing on Linux Frame outline distorted


1) To print a file click "Single File Print" in the upper-left of the screen. Then use the menu to locate and print the desired file. Then find and click a "Print Return" in the lower-left of the file view to return to the frames architecture.
2) A sound or video file when first downloaded is set to low volume. To reset a file double click on the triangle, then click on the square, then adjust the sound slide to the mid range and to start click on the triangle again.
3) Search Engines will pass this site because of Frames. The site needs addressed directly by thewaythetruthandthelife.net Please pass the website address on. Awareness can only grow in use by word-of-mouth (so to speak).
4) If you double click and get repeated Frames, just click on the upper-left "Single Screen Print" or the lower-right "single Screen View"
5) To view two streams of pages on the same screen:

5.1)  While in frames view
5.2)  Click on the ball in the upper right hand corner of the screen Split

5.3  The center Frame splits giving an upper and lower content menu to 
        stream different streams in the upper and lower halves of the center Frame.
5.4)  While in Frames view return from Split Screen Viewing,
        click on the ball in the lower right hand corner of the screen Return

6) If your system dose not support frames just use the single Frame mode. The only loss is Split Frame Viewing.