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 Thesis 7

7-3 * Flow Chart For The Thesis On Purpose To Existence


The Critical Purpose For Intelligent Life Is To Contribute To The Highest Potential For Security, Response, Recognition And New Experience For Intelligent Existence!

The Universe Exists And In It We Live And Move And Have Our Being! If we create only unique individuals that are not able to propagate healthy off springs we have a social disease that will exterminate intelligent life by us! The most important function of intelligent life is the reproduction and raising of a healthy next generation! (by their fruit you shall know them)!

Conclusion Of The Theses
1 There Is Purpose To Existence!

To understand Purpose  

We Need To Understand What We Can Observe.

Why! What! When! Where! How!


 We Discovered
2 We Observe The Universe As Matter In Motion In Space (Our Source Of Existence).

To understand the Universe we need to understand  

Intelligent Life As Part Of The Universe.

Why! What! When! Where! How!


 We Discovered

3 Intelligent Life Evolved In The Milky Way Galaxy's Sun's Earth/Moon System.

To understand Life we need to understand  

What Makes Earth Different.

Why! What! When! Where! How!


 We  Discovered
4 Earth Stable Long Enough For Awareness To Evolve!

To understand Awareness we need to  

 Investigate And Accumulate Insight!

The Laws Of Physical & Behavioral Reality.


We Are Aware. We Are Discovering
5 The Laws Physical And Behavioral Reality! 

To discover and pass these on   

We Need A Secure Society.

We Contribute To Present & Future Security.


We Understand. 
6 The Rise Of The State.

To Understand A Healthy State  

We Need Social Behavior Insights.

A Healthy Society.


We Understand.  We Help Secure
7 Societies.

To Understand Healthy Societies  

We Need Healthy Community Insights. 

A Contributing Member Of  The Community


We Understand.  We Are
8 Communities.

To Understand Healthy Communities    

We Need Healthy Neighborhood Insights!

A Contributing Member Of  The Neighborhood


We Understand.  We Are
9 Neighborhoods.

To Understand Healthy Neighborhoods  

We Need To Understand Healthy Parenting!

A Physically & Behaviorally Healthy Father/Mother


We Understand. What It Is To Be
10 Parenting.

To Understand Healthy Parenting    

We Need To Understand Healthy Homes!

Physically & Behaviorally Healthy Provider/Maker

 (fruit Bering for 3 generations) 


We Understand. What It Is To Be A
11 Homes.

  To Understand Healthy Homes We Need 

Healthy Marriages (Wives and Husbands)

Physically & Behaviorally Healthy Husband/Wife


We Understand. What It Is To Be A
12 Marriage.

To Understand Healthy (Fruit Bearing) Relationships 

We Need Healthy Individual Insights!

A Physically & Behaviorally Healthy Man/Woman


We Understand. What It Is To Be
13 The Individual.

To Understand Healthy Individuals 

 We Need Child Development

 Providing, Protecting, Guiding Father Respected!


 We Want Children's Right To Home Maker Mother And A
14 Anthroculture.

To Grow Healthy Infants We Need To Understand   

The Mammalian Nursing Bond!

Healthy Maternal Nursing Bond Respected!


We Want Infant's Right To A
15 Body/Brain Development Exists.

To Understand Body/Brain Development  

We Need To Understand The Animals In Us!

How To Raise Healthy Children.


We Understand
16 Animals In Us.

To Understand Animals In Us We Need To Understand  

Our Physiological Animal Development! 



 We Understand
17 Organs.

To Understand Physiology    

We Need To Understand Our Cytology!



 We Understand
18 Cells.

To Understand Cytology    

We Need to Understand Chemistry!



 We Understand
19 Molecules.

To Understand Molecules    

We Need To Understand Atoms!



 We Understand
20 Atoms.

To Understand Atoms    

We Need To Understand Nuclei! 



 We Understand
21 Nuclei

To Understand  Nuclei   

We Need To Understand Nucleons! 



 We Understand
22 Nucleons

To Understand Nucleons    

We Need To Understand Electrons! 



 We Understand
23 Electrons

To Understand Electrons   

We Need To Understand  Photons!



 We Understand
24 Photons

To Understand Photons   

We Need To Understand  Magnetic Fields!

 Magnetic Fields!


 We Understand
25 Magnetic Fields

To Understand  Magnetic Fields   

We Need To Understand Vortons! 



 We Understand
26 Vortons

To Understand  Vortons   

We Need To Understand The Aether! 

 The Aether!


 We Understand
27 The Aether Exists!

To Understand The Aether   

We Need To Understand The Cosmos! 

 The Cosmos!


 We Understand
28 The Cosmos Exists!

To Understand The Cosmos

We Need Computers And Software Skills.

 We Have Computers And Software.


 We Understand
29 Computers And Software

For Good Computers And Software Skills 

We Need Communications Skills.

 We Have Communication Skills.


 We Understand
30 Communications

To Learn Communications Skills

We Need A Healthy Logical Curiosity.

 We Have A Healthy Logical Curiosity.


 We Understand
31 Logical Curiosity Exists!

To Have A Healthy Logical Curiosity

We Need To Think Independently.

 We Have A Healthy Foundation.


 We Understand
32 Individual Sovereignty.

To Achieve Individual Sovereignty 

We Need To Learn Self Discipline And Values.

 We Think Clearly.


 We Are Free From Our Birth Cult/Culture
33 Character.

To Have Self Discipline And Values.

We Need To Grow In Caring Instruction And Discipline.

 We Grow In Levels Of Caring.


 We Understand
34 Caring For Existence In The Spirit (Outlook) Of Truth In Our Soul (Culture
Beginning Of Theses


Diagram The Total Syntheses Flow Chart


Being one's own person Is not rebelling nor Complying. It is being a sovereign individual!

Being one's own person comes with a price, authority figures may label and dehumanize you!